Curb Appeal Front Yard Makeover Voting
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Updated: 3:19 PM Aug 4, 2011
The finalists for the Curb Appeal Front Yard Makeover have been selected. Read their stories, see their houses, and choose your favorite here.
Posted: 5:00 PM Jul 6, 2009
16 Curb Appeal Makeover

Many People Entered; Now You Get To Pick the Winner Of the 16 Curb Appeal Makeover

Over the past several weeks, NewsCenter 16 has received numerous entries for the 16 Curb Appeal Makeover. Our team of judges reviewed all of the entries and came up with three semi-finalists. In choosing the semi-finalists, we looked for viewers who had a good story to tell; who obviously needed a makeover; and who had the time and the ability to maintain the changes to ensure years of enjoyment from their makeover.

Now it's your turn. Feel free to look over the semi-finalists below and vote for your favorite. Then keep watching NewsCenter 16 to see who will win the 16 Curb Appeal Makeover. The winner will be announced on Wednesday August 10th. With Linton's Enchanted Gardens working with an operating budget of $5,000, the 16 Curb Appeal Makeover promises to deliver an amazing transformation for one lucky winner. You may even see some ideas that could improve the curb appeal of your home.

The voting deadline is 11:59 PM Sunday, August 7, 2011.

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Please note the following:
Voting is no longer available for round 1
Name:  The Cross Family
City:  Elkhart
Description:  HELP!!! We desperately need a front yard makeover!!! We have about ZERO curb appeal. I sometimes wonder what appealed to us when we purchased this home almost three years ago.Haha! This is our first house, and we just welcomed our first baby into the world May 14th. Avery is the light of our lives, but WOW is she a lot of work. I love to do yard work, plant flowers, garden, ect......but this new momma is WAY to busy to get any of that done, and it\'s too hot to have a new baby outside so I can get it done. Our yard is looking very neglected and I can\'t stand it. PLEASE help make our dull yard beautiful again.
Name:  The Housands
City:  Elkhart
Description:  My husband and I recently purchased a house that was built in 1862. The "budget money" we have will be used on the mechanicals (new septic; new well; new heating & cooling; etc.) to bring the house up to code and make it habitable. We are also trying to get the house ready and safe for our children. The front yard is full of weeds and has no landscaping what so ever. This home had years of neglect and we feel we "rescued" it. We are handling the back yard as we go but feel such a beautiful historic landmark needs the right touch to the front yard and entry. We will be out of funds to accomplish this and would love some help in our project.
Name:  Junell Stutzman
City:  Nappanee
Description:  I desperately need a 16 Curb Appeal Makeover. I am a single mom whose job was eliminated about 4 years ago. After being unemployed for 7 months I found a job but I am making half of what I was. I had to sell our farm and animals and bought a small ranch home in town. I have gotten the inside painted and decorated and some other smaller repairs that needed to be done. I have been trying for the last couple of years to do something with the outside but the funds just aren't there. I have taken out some of the bushes but haven't gotten anything in to replace them. The rest of them need to come out too as they are old and pretty much dead underneath making it hard to trim them. There is a gas lamp in the front yard that is damaged also but I am a little hesitant on trying to take it out myself with a gas-line attached to it. Most of my neighbors have wonderfully landscaped yards and I feel embarrassed that I still have not gotten anything done with mine. My Son in Law is a Marine and I would love to have a flag pole in the landscaping to display the Marine Flag I have. I would love to have you come and give our front yard the makeover, it needs. Thank you.

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